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12 May 2008 @ 01:39 pm
I have 13 Greek Icons and 1 Photomanip to offer
1.CaseyLovesCappie 3.credit to: vannadear 10.credit to: vannadear 13. credit to: vannadear

and many more...Collapse )

Please comment and let me know which you're taking & what you think!
Credit to: vannadear
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Title: The Best Medicine (Prologue-Chapter 3)
Series: The Best Medicine (formerly titled "I'll take care of you")
Rating: R (I haven't earned the rating yet, I plan to write a sex-type scene in later chapters, nothing hardcore though)
Pairing/Characters: Cappie/Casey pairing, with some Wade, Beaver, Rusty, Rebecca and Frannie on the side.
Notes: Minor SPOILERS for a minute long scene from Episode 1.16 "Move on Cartwrights" I watched a Sneak Peek for it and couldn't stop the plot bunnies from multiplying.
Since my stories are only archived on FF.Net I figured I'd just do one post for the Prologue and First Three Chapters, and then separate posts when each new chapter is posted.
Disclaimers: I don't own the characters/brand names mentioned, so please don't sue me.
Summary: Poor Cappie has both a cold and a wicked case of pink eye, so when his girlfriend (Rebecca) proves useless at doctoring, Wade and Beaver call Casey to nurse him back to health as only she can. A Romantic Comedy CC Style.

(To the story!)

:) Please Read and Review, I love feedback! ♥
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Title: Freshman Daze: The Directors Cut
By: Me, vannadear!

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or GREEK, I am but a simple fan who daydreams of seeing her favorite couple together.

Notes: GREEK episode 1.15 "Freshman Daze" is definitely my favorite episode, and for the first time ever I actually agree with the Cappie/Casey break up...but I don't agree with the last 10 minutes of the episode, or the preview for next weeks.

This is my Version of How the end of 'Freshman Daze' should have gone. Am I the only one who needed a nice big CC band-aid to cover the heartbreak? Cappie/Casey with some Rusty/Rebecca and mega SPOILERS for Freshman Daze. Review to show love!

Spoilers: Spoilers for Episode 1.15 "Freshman Daze"

On to the story

Let me know what you think!
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28 March 2008 @ 06:59 pm

Welcome to the community.
I chose to make it members only just to keep a moderated view on who reads it and not. It's not moderated as of now; so anybody can become a member to view our entries.


+ If you post icons, put no more than 3 icons as previews and the rest under a cut.
+ Put spoilers under a cut; with a warning.
+ Please don't bash the characters either.

Casey: I know where I wanna be in ten years! Do you?
Cappie: I wanna be with you

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